Popular Czechoslovakian names for girls and boys

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Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Bednar Czechoslovakian Cooper. M
2 Benes Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian for Benedict. M
3 Bilko Czechoslovakian White. M
4 Bily Czechoslovakian White. M
5 Bohous Czechoslovakian God's peace. M
6 Bohumil Czechoslovakian God's peace. M

7 Brlety Czechoslovakian Searcher. M
8 Buciac Czechoslovakian Thick. M
9 Capek Czechoslovakian Little stork. M
10 Cermak Czechoslovakian Robin. M
11 Cerny Czechoslovakian Black. M
12 Cestmir Czechoslovakian Fortress. M
13 Chval Czechoslovakian Flattery. M

14 Damek Czechoslovakian Of the earth. M
15 Dudek Czechoslovakian Bagpiper. M
16 Eda Czechoslovakian Wealthy guardian. M
17 Ferda Czechoslovakian Brave. M
18 Fleischaker Czechoslovakian Butcher. M
19 Franta Czechoslovakian Free. M
20 Greguska Czechoslovakian Watchful. M