Popular Teutonic names for girls and boys

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Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Abelard Teutonic Resolute. M
2 Adal Teutonic Noble. M
3 Adalard Teutonic Brave noble. M
4 Adalbert Teutonic Intelligent. M
5 Adalric Teutonic Noble commander. M
6 Adel Teutonic Noble. M

7 Adelard Teutonic Brave noble. M
8 Adelbert Teutonic Intelligent. M
9 Adelric Teutonic Noble commander. M
10 Adlar Teutonic Brave noble. M
11 Adler Teutonic Brave noble. M
12 Adolf Teutonic Noble wolf. M
13 Adolph Teutonic Noble wolf. M

14 Adolphus Teutonic Noble wolf. M
15 Alajos Teutonic Famous holiness. M
16 Alaois Teutonic Famous in war. M
17 Alard Teutonic Resolute. M
18 Alaric Teutonic Universal ruler. M
19 Alberic Teutonic Skillful ruler. M
20 Albern Teutonic Noble bear. M